The Most Powerful Word In Copywriting


As a marketer who writes my own copy, there are a lot of words I use to spice up my messages.

But there are a handful of words that just seem to always work to generate interest and get people’s attention.

The 10 Most Powerful Words

According to Michael Leander, a direct response marketer, the 10 most powerful words in the English language are…

1. You
2. Results
3. Health
4. Guarantee
5. Discover
6. Love
7. Safety
9. Save
10. New

He’s right. These are 10, very powerful words. BUT, this list doesn’t contain “the” most powerful word in copywriting.

But there’s one word, that stands bigger, bolder and more powerful than any other word in the marketer’s copywriting handbook.

If you write copy, you should try to use this word as much and as often as you can. The more you use this word, the more your readers will love you.

Why Am I Even Writing About This?

Because I belong to an online mastermind group that was created by my friend, and super internet marketing stud, Mike Hill.

Mike was on his way to a sales and marketing seminar in Park City, Utah this weekend. While walking out to get his car rental, he saw this electronic sign.

So What Is The Most Powerful Word?

Well, if you take a close look at the electronic sign you’ll see that it has Mike Hill’s name on it.

You guessed it.

The most powerful word in copywriting is the name of your reader!

Nothing grabs a person’s attention more than their own name.

I’ve always remembered this quote…

“A person’s name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language” Dale Carnegie.

Look at what Mike wrote on his Facebook wall when he saw the sign, “Oh my gosh! I’m famous!!!!”

Did you think it impressed him? Of course it did and it probably made him feel a little special.

Using people’s first name in your marketing is one of the most powerful attention grabbers you can use. And “grabbing attention” is the first job of any marketing campaign.

The Most Powerful Postcard Ever!

For the past couple years I’ve received a postcard from a company that sells tshirts with your last name on them.

David Frey tshirtThe postcard had a photo of the tshirt with my last name on it in big letters. It immediately caught my attention.

It’s the only direct mail piece that I can remember getting in the recent past in which I picked up the phone and ordered the product (In fact, I ordered over $100 worth of matching shirts for my whole family).


Because it had my name on it!

The Marketing Lesson Is…

Always try to use a person’s name.

Whether you’re meeting them in person or sending them correspondence, always try to use the person’s name and your response will sky rocket!

Want to discover how to write super high converting sales copy that hypnotizes your prospects and forces them to buy your product instantly? Good, then you’ll LOVE this interview we did with copywriting superstar, Harlan Kilstein.

NOTE: After I posted this article, I had a LOT of emails asking me the company that produced my “name” shirt. It’s called InkPixi.

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  1. Hey David
    I completely agree with you on the most powerful word in copy writing and the quote by Dale Carnegie is so apt. IF you address a person by his name that gives him a sense of being recognized and make him feel important. To seek attention is undoubtedly the main aim of every marketing campaign.

  2. Wow! great information, simple thought. Never really paid attention to this, will do so now.

  3. Hi David, using the persons name breaks the ice. It creates a impact and lends a sense of “recognition” to the other person. In the last one year I have converted a number of prospects to clients just by remembering their names and some minor details about them, it makes them feel really special.

  4. Addressing a person with their name is the easiest way to build raport with them; indeed a great tool to convert potential customers into loyal ones. Thanks for the share.

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