David Frey Is a Scammer (A Case Study In Reputation Management)

Is David Frey Really a Scammer?

A few weeks ago I was speaking with one of my friends, Peter Parks, on Facebook. Peter is a very successful affiliate marketer and a search engine ninja.

I mentioned to Peter that when you type the name, “David Frey” into Google, the #1 listing is, “David Frey is a scammer.” It’s a post on the website

Anyone that knows me or has done business with me knows that I’m anything but a scammer. I bend over backwards to always make sure I deliver on what I promise and make sure that people who do business with me are happy.

Here’s How It All Started

Apparently, one day, someone who joined SendOutCards with me tried to call my office. Because I didn’t immediately call him back, he got angry and made posts on several “scam boards” on the internet labeling me as a scammer. Well, for some weird reason, Google loves and other sites like

So, when you type in the name, “David Frey” in Google, you’ll see the “David is a scammer” post front and center.

The worst thing is that this post will stay there for years to come. And there’s no one to police the forum. Anyone can claim someone is a scammer and do harm to their reputation.

Luckily For Me…

…I have friends who have come to my aid on that post who have supported me and said nice things about me. So in some ways, the post can do a lot of good for me.

However, most people just type my name in and see that listing and don’t click into it to investigate for themselves. They just see the “David is a scammer” listing, which isn’t great for my reputation.

So What Do You Do About It?

This could happen to you someday if you decide to put yourself out there into the public eye. So what do you do about it? Well, there are new companies and services popping up called “reputation management” services.

Here’s a snapshot of a couple of reputation management company advertisements that you see when you type in “” into Google.

These are basically Search Engine Optimization companies that will go out and create profiles on social media sites that typically rank high in the search engines. These reputation management companies might charge a $995 fee or a $99 / month fee to keep your negative post on Page 2 of Google.

If you have the more money than time, their services might be worth it. However…

…Here’s How You Can Do Your Own Reputation Management.

Yes, you can do your own reputation management by doing a few simple things. Here’s just a few tactics you can do to push down any negative comments to Page 2 of Google….

Tactic # 1 – Take every iteration of your name and register it as a domain. For example,,,,,,

Then use a hosting company’s website creator service and create a one page website for each domain talking about all your positive attributes. These one page sites are likely to rise in the search engines to page 1 of Google.

Tactic #2 – Register your name in all the social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Digg, Flickr, Google+, LinkIn. Crosslink all these profiles to each other. These profiles will rise in the search engines.

Tactic #3 – Write a positive articles about yourself and submit it to That article will usually rise in the search engines.

Tactic #4 – Find any and all webpages that talk positively about you and link to them. For instance, on the right you see a search engine listing from Klaus Dahl about me. Although it is very old, it is still a positive webpage and something I would want on Page 1 of Google.

Speaking of old, this is a good example of how long a listing can stay on Page 1. Klaus wrote this web page back in 2003, close to 10 years ago!

Tactic #5 – Create some Youtube videos about yourself and upload them to youtube using your name as keywords in the Youtube description.

You’ll see an example of this on the right. I created that video many years ago and it still shows up on Page 1 of Google after all these years.

Tactic #6 – Have your friends go to the negative post and post their own positive comments about you. As I’ve mentioned before, you can see that many people have already done that for me without me asking them.

However, if I went and asked around 20 of my friends to help me out, you would see even more positive comments under the one negative comment.

So there you have it. Six specific things you can do to push negative posts that hurt your reputation, down in the search engines so that when people go to search for you, they only see positive comments.

WARNING: Any reputation management company that says that they can “remove” negative comments is not being truthful. You can’t remove these negative comments out of the search engines, you can only push them down farther in the search results so people don’t see them.

Hope this doesn’t happen to you. But if it does, now you know what to do!

I just did a great interview with Liz Googgold about how to quickly repair a tarnished brand and transform it from “dead in the water” to being the company that everyone wants to do business with. You can listen to this interview right here.

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  1. johnspayne johnspayne says:

    David, this is obviously a great article for anyone who has had their reputation damaged. It’s brilliant Disaster Management.

    Do you think that most of the measures in the article are worth doing by those of us who haven’t yet had the problem you faced? It seems as though it would be a
    - good exercise in PR
    - a good example of Disaster Prevention- if you already had the top spots for your name in the search engine results, any negative comment wouldn’t make it to a prominent position to be noticed.

    • John, if you sell any type of business opportunity successfully, you’ll eventually get your name on one of these sites ( or You better get the variations of your name right now and put them online. It only takes a day to do everything I’m talking about. It’s pretty simple and the reputation management companies will charge you a bundle for doing the exact steps I’m outlining here.

  2. Your information is always interesting and clear. I look forward to yiur emails. Thanks a lot you help me to stay creative!

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