How to Become the #1 Authority In Your Industry


What would your life be like if you were the most requested keynote speaker in your profession?

How would your life be different if you were the highest paid and most celebrated advisor in your industry?

What if you had a waiting list of clients who were the who’s who and who were begging you to advise them?

Seems impossible, right.

It’s not.

You CAN become “that” person and the formula is pretty simple.

Sometimes I look back to when I was a consultant for a large consulting firm and wish that I knew then, what I know now.

If I had known the formula back then, I would have shot up to become a Partner (highest rank in the firm).

As it turns out, a few years later I went to work for myself as a consultant in the pool and spa industry and I quickly figured out the formula for success.

Within Only Six Months…

1. I had a column of my own in the industry’s major trade magazine.

2. I was being asked to speak at many of the industries biggest association conventions.


3. I had a list of the industry’s “A” players as clients who paid me handsomly for my advice.

So would you like to know the formula to rapidly become the #1 authority in your industry?

There’s three steps.

Step 1 of the Formula

The first thing you want to do is claim your position and create a home base.

By that I mean, if you want to be the #1 marketing consultant in your profession, then claim that title!

If you say you are, you are!

Then create an awesome website with content so good that no one can dispute your claim.

In today’s world, people go to the web to get their information.

When they go there, they need to find YOU…in a big way!

The more awesome content you place on your website, the more you will show up all over the web in your niche.

You should create a blog that you update frequently that includes great articles, a video podcast in which people can really get to know you, and a lot of photos that reflect your expertise.

Step 2 of the Formula

Now that you’ve claimed your position and created an impressive home that proves you are who you say you are, it’s time to move to the next step.

One of the most important things you can do is take your expertise, package it up and get it into as many hands as possible.

And the way you do that is to create information products that teach and train people in your niche how to solve it’s worst problems.

Your infoproducts can come in the form of…

1. audio programs
2. video programs
3. manuals
4. home study courses
5. ebooks
6. etc…

If you want people coming to you with an open check book, you need to package up your knowledge and get people to consume it by sharing it, sending it and selling it to as many people as you can.

Once your prospect consumes your information, it automatically give you the authority and respect that you deserve.

Step 3 of the Formula

The next step is to create a following of raving fans.

NOTHING will persuade people to beg, plead and demand your services more than PROOF from real live business owners that sing your praises and publicly tell everyone in your industry that you really ARE the guru.

To accomplish this you need to DELIVER RESULTS!

That’s the bottom line.

You have to create results for your clients that will have them boasting about your ability to transform businesses (and lives!).

Be a FANATIC about gathering testimonials!

Not just any old testimonials, but ones that boast specific facts, figures and numbers.

Now that you have those testimonials, make sure EVERY executive and decision maker in your niche sees them.

That’s the three step formula to become the undisputed #1 authority in your profession.

Step 1. Claim your position and create a home base.

Step 2. Package your knowledge and broadcast it.

Step 3.
Create a following of raving fans.

To your continued success.

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David Frey is the Founder, He is also the author of the best selling book, "The Small Business Marketing Bible" and many other marketing courses. To find out more about this author, visit

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  1. Hi David, like anything in life, we need a plan, if we have no plan the chances of success are none. I love hoe this post demonstrate how important the plan and implementation are. P.S. David, take a moment and pend some time setting up your Twitter Profile. Is the profile link in your footer image correct?
    bbrian017 recently posted..Make Money Blogging With The Blog Engage Affiliate ProgramMy Profile

  2. Good post, thanks. One thing I’d like to ask is who do you recommend to do the ebook creation bit? I have the content, just need it designed and made into an ebook.

  3. Dave, I’m a big fan. Your advice is spot on.

  4. regularly following you for so many years . advises worth a million dollars , for the time being just accept my thanks :-) .
    shyamlal recently posted..എക്സ് പി മെഷീനില്‍ നിന്ന് വിന്‍ഡോസ് 7 മെഷീന്‍ ഉപയോഗിക്കാന്‍ പറ്റുന്നില്ലMy Profile

  5. There are alot of great contractor for easy tasks like creating an ebook cover on fiver
    Ryan Hache recently posted..How to Get Your Face to Show in Google Search ResultsMy Profile

  6. Really nice job David!

    You’re one of the very best!

    Willie Crawford recently posted..Happy Independence Day! But Are YOU Really Free?My Profile

  7. Another fantastic post by the legendary David Frey! I’ve been in the “trenches” for the past year building my business but with information like this, I’m ready to take things up a notch! What I loved best about this was how you simplified it all and offered a perfect birds eye perspective. Thanks for your awesomeness. :)
    Rosh recently posted..Sample PostMy Profile

  8. Great insight David.

    I claimed mine “The #1 authority on modern day selling” and anytime anyone wants a speaker on how to use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook for prospecting, lead generation and for overall personal branding I get called up!

    Here’s an example:

    The moral of the story is to CLAIM WHO YOU WANT TO BE.

    Of course, if you can’t back it up you will be found out very quickly but if you can back it up then it’s KER-CHING all the way! lol

    Sean McPheat recently posted..How To Make The Extraordinary, OrdinaryMy Profile

  9. Hi David,

    You always delivery excellent, clear cut advice. Your blog is indicative that you really walk your talk.

    I’ve claimed my position as, “The Queen of List Building,” and I’ll be releasing a book that will be used by Marketers worldwide as the definitive guide to list building for those who are just starting the process.

    I created the book because most Marketers give a strategy or two, yet they fail to tell the story from beginning to end. That’s where I come in;-).

    Thanks for sharing.

    LaTonya Johnson recently posted..How to Make Money Online- 101My Profile

  10. Hi David – Great advice as always.

    I think one of the challenges for many people is identifying their industry. When you are an expert in a particular industry, you can easily identify a few industry publications, associations and conferences where everyone in that industry hangs out.

    But if you focus on a particular discipline or service that is delivered across many industries, this is a much more difficult challenge.

    I specialize in direct marketing and lead generation, and while I can focus on direct marketing and lead generation publications, associations and conferences, I also feel a need to connect with my several target industries – which is a pretty daunting task.

    • You hit on a great point Bob.
      Niches can be horizontal and vertical.
      Vertical being the industry and horizontal being your expertise.
      In my experience, the specialists who get requested and paid the most are the ones who claim their spot both horizontally AND vertically.
      So in my opinion, if you became a lead generation expert (horizontal) in the insurance industry (vertical), you’ll get more business and command higher fees, AND you’ll be able to create “templates” that you can reuse over and over again.
      So if I was to go back and become an expert in the spa and poo industry, I would specialize in one form of marketing. Once I get into an account, I can upsell them into other programs.
      David Frey recently posted..How To Become An Amazon Best Seller In One DayMy Profile

  11. Hey David

    Love your posts cause you make perfect sense! :)
    Rachel Henke recently posted..By: free wow leveling addons guideMy Profile

  12. Hi, David.
    This is a great article. Actually, i have the same plan make an consultant marketing in Indonesia. I’m from Indonesia by the way. But in case now, i’m still young and lack of experience of marketing. But i started to read a lot of book about marketing and help my friend business. I do whatever its takes to my plan become marketing consultant. So what’s your sugestion for beginner like me? and i’m still looking for a mentor who can guide me.
    How to find a niche market?
    Thank you very much, hope we can talk again. *i really need some advice from you.

  13. Great stuff my friend… clear, workable “high level” outline.
    JP Maroney
    aka “Mr. Monetizer”

    PS: I was confused by the whole CommentLuv thing … probably just me.
    JP Maroney recently posted..Featured Sample OneMy Profile

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