The Top 10 Webinar Mistakes to Avoid Like the Plague


Over the past 7 years, I’ve done hundreds of webinars.

I’ve made plenty of mistakes and in this article I want to share ten of them with you that I hope you’ll avoid.

Although we’ll be talking about only ten mistakes in this article, there are MANY more that I could talk about.

If you’ve ever participated in a webinar, you’ve undoubtedly experienced one of these three mistakes, so take note and avoid making these mistakes yourself.

By the way, these are in no particular order.

Mistake 1. Cramming Your Slides

There are few things worse watching a slide that has a ton of info crammed onto one slide. It not only, turns the viewer off, but it makes you stay on the same slide for too long.

Your slide should have no more than three points or ideas on it – - preferably only one idea.

And you should use photos, graphics, charts or objects to make your point rather than text. Some text is good, but perhaps only one or two lines of it to describe the idea.

Mistake 2. Going Too Slow

One time I did a webinar with Russell Brunson. He talked way fast and I talked a bit slow. After it was all done he bluntly told me, “David, we need to record this again. You were just…well…you were boring. Speed it up!”

He was right. On a webinar you need to speed your voice up and inject some emotion. The speed of your voice will dictate how much energy your viewer feels when watching your webinar.

Mistake 3. All Sales Pitch

When the majority of your webinar is a sales pitch, people will tune out and will probably not participate in any more webinars with you.

You need to do “education-based selling.” By that I mean, you need to…

1. Educate people about the problem.
2. Tell people why the problem is bad.
3. Explain the consequences of the problem.
4. Announce the potential solutions.
5. Discuss the pros and cons of the solutions.
6. THEN introduce YOUR solution and explain it’s merits.

When you follow these steps, you’re educating AND selling at the same time.

Mistake 4. Weak Offer

Perhaps, the single biggest reason why people don’t buy from you is because of your offer.

I’ve seen very strong offers for inferior products close a super high percentage of the attendees and I’ve seen weak offers make a great product fall flat on it’s face.

Here’s some rules of thumb. The closer to “solve it for them” your offer is, the higher your close rate will be.

Also, the more risk reversal (i.e. lower risk) you make your offer, the higher the close rate.

Mistake 5. Lack Of Positioning

How you open your webinar is extremely important. People want to know that you are an expert at what you’re talking about before they’ll take what you say very seriously.

I was just watching a webinar yesterday in which the presenter had someone else intro him and showed all kinds of accolades and achievements this person has accomplished.

By the time the presenter started speaking, in my mind, I thought he was a mega-rockstar in what he was going to talk about (and he was). Because of that, I really wanted to buy what this guy was offering.

But without that introduction, how would I have known all the amazing things this guy had accomplished?

Mistake 6. No Proof

The #1 conversion element in any presentation is proof.

So when you leave proof out of your presentation, you’ve taken out the #1 element that would have made me pull out my wallet and buy.

Proof can come in many forms. Here are just a few…

1. Testimonials
2. Case Studies
3. Awards
4. Actual documented results
5. Photos or videos

The more proof you include, the higher your conversion rate will be.

Mistake 7. No F.A.Q.

A lot of times people finish their presentation and just quit the webinar. That’s a huge mistake because most people need more logical reasons to buy.

Sometimes, viewers will just have one or two questions they need reassurance on for them to hit the buy button.

I have a friend who stays on for at least an hour after his webinars officially end just answering questions. He tells me the longer he stays on to answer questions, the higher his conversation rate.

Mistake 8. Weak Registration Page

If you can’t get people to register, then they sure as heck will never see your webinar.

You have to have a high converting registration page to get people on your webinar.

And the same goes for the email subject line, the email copy or the advertisement that got them to the registration page. They all have to be high converting to get people onto the webinar.

Hopefully, you’re tracking your email click opens, clickthroughs, and registration pages conversions so that you can make changes and improve them.

Mistake 9. No Microphone

I’ve heard presenters use internal computer microphones or speakerphones and it makes them sound like they’re in a box or far away.

Make sure your audio sounds good by always using a good mic.

You can even use simple gaming headset mics to do your webinar. They usually sound great.

Mistake 10. Intro Too Long

Last week I listened to a webinar replay that didn’t have any video controls.

By that I mean, once you started the replay, you had to listen to every bit of it. You couldn’t skip ahead.

The presenters were going on and on and on about their credentials and stories about how broke they were and how they eventually became rich.

Now, as I mentioned earlier, it’s important to position yourself with proof, but that should only take no more than around five minutes (not 15 minutes!).

Viewers want you to get into the meat quickly. They don’t have a lot of time so engage them rapidly and get them hooked into your content as soon as you’ve positioned yourself adequately.

There’s More…

Like I said earlier, there are many more webinar mistakes I’ve personally committed and seen done by other presenters. But these are some of the biggest mistakes I’ve encountered.

Avoid them and you’ll be in the money!

To your continued success.

P.S. Click here to see all of the interviews we’ve done with some of the best webinar experts on the planet.

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  1. Great list David. I do small scale webinars and I listen to many from heavy hitters, such as yourself. One thing that turns me off is #10, when the presenter’s intro/qualifications are too long. Qualifications should be limited to 5 minutes, not 10 or 15. And, #4 is my problem area.
    Karen Cioffi recently posted..Review of Ruthie and the Hippo’s Fat BehindMy Profile

    • Karen,

      That’s one of my biggest pet peeves too.
      I was just on a webinar the other day and
      the guy went on and on and on about how
      great he was.

      I was saying to myself, “Okay, let’s get into
      the content already!”

  2. Love how you shared that about Russell Brunson. So funny! He does talk very fast for sure lol.
    Rachel Henke recently posted..Are You Ready to Create Your First Product?My Profile

  3. I agree with this list completely! I’m starting to do weekly webinars for two different markets. As a beginner, this list is just what I needed. Thanks David!
    Jacki Semerau recently posted..The Slight Edge and the Strong Single MomMy Profile

  4. David,

    Thanks for making the point about video controls. I’ve given up on TWO webinars in the last fortnight. One was 90 minutes log. After 10 minutes of fluff, with no way of advancing through the recording, I just gave up.

    In a future post, could you review some of the webinar-style services that are available, from free to premium?
    John Payne recently posted..Carbon Tax Introduction: The Sky Won’t Fall InMy Profile

  5. Joshua Meyer says:

    These points are golden Dave! I always wondered where you learned to avoid mistake #2 ;-)

  6. GREAT list… Webinars are amazing when done well, and annoying when done poorly :)

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