The 5 Question Survey That Can Change Your Life

Personal Thoughts

Today, I received an email from a good friend of mine who is a very successful small business owner. His name is Howard Partridge. Howard owns a carpet cleaning company called, "Clean as a Whistle" here in Houston. It's one of the most … more

9 Tips for Powerful Testimonials


Here's a little primer on how to create powerful testimonials... Testimonials are always the "heart" of any good marketing message. As marketing expert, Dan Kennedy once said, "Without testimonials, you don't have a product." The core of your … more

How To Become a High Paid Marketing Consultant


I often get asked about how to become a marketing consultant. A lot of people, even YOU perhaps, want to help small businesses but you just don't know where to start or how to do it. I've "been there and done that" so today, I'm going to give … more

6 Free Courses About How to Start Your Own Online Business

Personal Thoughts

I'm asked all the time by friends and subscribers how they can start their own home based business online. They see the success I've had and the lifestyle I enjoy and want that for themselves. My answer to them is usually, "Yes, you can start … more

Sales Videos Gone Wild! (Plus 31 Sales Video Service Providers)

Video Marketing

One of the key factors in launching and marketing a new product is your abiliy to easily explain how it benefits to your prospects in simple terms so anyone can understand it and "get it." There's no better way to do that than video. The challenge … more

78 Article Writing Services Revealed (Never Write Another Article Again!)

Content Marketing

One of the most effective online marketing tactics is to create, publish and promote written content in the form of articles about your products or services. You can use articles to post to your own blog, to post to company or product blogs, to … more

Conversations with 4 Billionaire Moguls (Videos Included)

Personal Thoughts

A few nights ago, ABC TV aired a special 20/20 with Barbara Walters who interviewed four billionaires. It was fascinating. I decided that their interviews were so intriguing that I would share them with you, in addition to my own notes and lessons … more

A Simple System To Generate Thousands of Leads Online

Lead Generation

Leads! Leads! Leads! Let's face it, the internet is the world's greatest lead generation source since the beginning of mankind. No other medium has been able to reach so many people at such a low cost and target with exact precision as the … more

A Little Known Viral Marketing Tactic that Forces Your Content to Go Viral

Viral Marketing

When I was just starting out my own coaching and consulting business in the pool and spa industry, I decided to create a high ticket information product to sell to business owners. Doing that would allow me to generate paying customers at break … more

The Most Important Habit Of Them All

Personal Thoughts

Today, I just got the news that Dr. Stephen Covey passed away. Dr. Covey was the author of the mega-popular business book, "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People." His book is one of the most read, most influential business books of our … more

10 Things That Make Content Go Crazy Viral

Viral Marketing

You polish off your blog post, sit back and hit the send button. Next thing you know, emails start flooding into your inbox referencing your post. Your Facebook share counter and Twitter tweet share counters start whizzing upwards. You log … more

The Top 10 Webinar Mistakes to Avoid Like the Plague


Over the past 7 years, I've done hundreds of webinars. I've made plenty of mistakes and in this article I want to share ten of them with you that I hope you'll avoid. Although we'll be talking about only ten mistakes in this article, there are … more

The ONLY Two Things You Need to Succeed Online

Content Marketing

I've been marketing stuff online for over 12 years now full time. In internet time, that's a LONG time. I've seen all kinds of wiz bang courses about how to make money online. Many of them are great courses that contain good information about … more

How I Increased My Referral Rate by 1,000 Percent

Referral Marketing

Back in the early 2000's when I started my marketing business, I made a lot of trips to my local post office. Every time I went there I saw a little box that held a bunch of CD's. The box said, "Try AOL for FREE!" AOL was just starting out … more

How To Become the Highest Paid, Least Working Consultant In Your Niche


One thing I learned very quickly as a consultant was that it was hard work! Yes, it was hard creating and implementing solutions in businesses. Every new business I consulted with I had to start from scratch and create a new and unique solution … more


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